Beautiful firework displays and an amazing service

Monday, 5-9-2016  

When our daughter was getting married we immediately told her that we wanted to help out with making all the arrangements for her special day. She told us that she could handle it and that she did not need our help. But we were happy to notice that even though she never outright asked us for help she did appreciate our view on certain things. She went dress shopping with her mother. I have not seen my wife that happy about anything in a long time. She was so excited to see our little girl growing up and looking forward to her big day. At some point my wife and I decided that we want to get the happy couple something special for their wedding day. It is a day you will only have once in your life and I wanted to make it as special as possible. So we had a look around at what we could give to them. In that search we came across the website of Dynamic Fireworks. At first we were not totally convinced that the firework displays were the thing for the special day of our daughter and son in law, so we looked further. But the idea of having the firework displays would not leave my mind. I watched certain videos on the website again.

  • Wedding Celebration
  • Wedding Royale
  • Whisper Bouquet

I liked these firework displays the most and the idea to have this at the wedding grew on me. So one day I contacted Dynamic Fireworks to ask more about the firework displays that they offer. I explained to them that I was the father of the bride and that I was looking for a special gift for her wedding day. I was also honest about the fact that I was not immediately thrilled by the idea of having the firework displays at the wedding, for multiple reasons. But since the idea kept popping up in my mind that I decided to give them a call and if they could provide me with more information.

All the information about firework displays

They asked me what I would like to know about firework displays and I told them that I had been looking at the videos on the website. I referred to the ones that I listed above and told them that I liked those the most. They asked me to explain to them why these firework displays. I told them that I loved the idea of having the beauty of the firework displays, but not all the noise. But that was a personal preference and my daughter and her soon to be husband would probably love it anyway. I liked the other firework displays because of the way they were set up. It clearly all fit together well and that was what I was looking for. I had read on the website that they could also make personal firework displays, but I thought that would be too expensive. I was wrong about that. When they got all the information that they needed to put together a show, they told me the price and it was very reasonable. Not even close to the number I thought it would be. The service that Dynamic Fireworks provide is truly amazing and I have recommended them to a lot of people ever since. When I told my daughter we had a surprise for her on her wedding day, she kept on trying to guess what it was. I will never forget the look on her face when she saw the firework displays. She had tears in her eyes and it was such a beautiful moment.

The perfect firework displays for the wedding

My daughter told me later that she would never have thought of having the firework displays on her wedding, but that it was the most perfect way to end that already beautiful day. In the end we had our own firework displays made by Dynamic Fireworks and they did an amazing job. It was pretty hard to decide what would work best for the happy couple, their guests and how we would make it all work. I wanted the firework displays to stay a surprise until the very end and because of that we had to not only arrange the fireworks, but also how we would get everybody outside without ruining the surprise. In the end I decided to make a speech and tell them we had a surprise waiting outside for them. The moment our daughter and her new husband stepped outside the fireworks started. For me it was such a beautiful moment. Seeing your child getting married is very special and doing something that makes them happy makes it even more exciting. I will never forget that day. A special thanks goes out to Dynamic Fireworks. The work that they have done is outstanding. Not only arranging the display, but also making sure our surprise would work out in the right way. We had to make sure the fireworks started at the exact moment the bride and groom were stepping out of the doors and they nailed it. They had a lot of responsibilities that night, but they lived up to all of them. If you want a firework display on any kind of occasion, hire Dynamic Fireworks. They will not disappoint you!

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