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Thursday, 4-5-2017  

Dynamic Fireworks is the leading expert on display fireworks in the UK. We have over 25 years of experience designing fireworks displays and selling fireworks. Here you can find all kind of different display fireworks, from barrages to indoor ice fountains. We have two year round showrooms, in Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk and of course our online store is always open. Besides offering a wide range of display fireworks for you to use we also design and provide professional fireworks displays for all kind of occasions, such as council events, weddings and other special occasions. It does not matter what your budget is or if you have other constraints, we always try and create the best awe-inspiring fireworks display possible. Come visit us or get in touch to hear more.

The right display fireworks for the job

We sell different kinds of display fireworks for consumer use. The most popular are the barrages and cakes. These display fireworks can provide a fantastic show with just one piece, because one barrage can contain up to 30 individual shots. These individual pieces of fireworks are all combined in one package, which is lit with just one fuse. That means that you simply have to light the barrage once, after which you can sit back and enjoy. The barrage is set up in such a way that the timing is perfect, firing shots one after the other or sometimes even simultaneously. You can buy many different kinds of barrages, which all offer different kind of displays. Another popular option is the rocket, which can shoot high up in the sky and light up the entire sky. The main disadvantage of a rocket is that it can only be fired on its own. A barrage or cake fires multiple shots in succession, which means the sky is filled with beautiful displays for up to minutes of time. Rockets cannot achieve that effect, since you need to fire each one individually. If you are looking for smaller display fireworks you will not be disappointed by the different items we offer. Popular are our fountains and mines, which are continuously shooting display fireworks. These items are great for small parties, since they keep things relatively simple and still offer quite a show. Combine these with candles and you have got yourself a complete display, for little money. Candles fire ten shots in the air, with little pauses in between, whereas fountains and mines fire continuously for a minute or so. Another popular option is indoor fireworks, which can be safely fired indoors. Most of time these are so called ice fountains, which burn at a lower temperature and not reach as high, so they can safely be used inside.

The right display for every occasion

However, if you are looking for a display that will dazzle all your guests you can always let us design your display. We have over 25 years of experience designing and providing fireworks displays for kinds of occasions, such as weddings, civil partnerships and other special occasions. We have several packages ready for you, in different themes. You can select different lengths and of course you can preview the displays on our website. And you can of course always customize the packages or even let us design a completely new display, so your wedding or party will end in a unique moment. Contact us for more information or come by one of our showrooms, so we can help you. We can also do bigger displays, such as for a charity fundraiser, corporate events or product launches.

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