Setup dutch company: why the Netherlands?

Friday, 23-4-2021  

Have you been planning on moving to another country to start your own business, or to perhaps expand your business to another country? Europe would be an excellent option to consider moving your company to, due to many advantages that the European Union will offer. One country in particular, the Netherlands, might be attractive to set up your company in. The setup dutch company is however, not an easy matter. setupyourdutchcompany offers support for new entrepreneurs or any entrepreneur looking for a way to setup dutch company. With their experience and advice, starting or expanding a business to the Netherlands will be much easier for you and the process will propagate more smoothly.

Why setup dutch company?

Naturally, choosing to set up a business is not done lightly. Similarly, choosing a country to start up your business in is also not a decision to take lightly. There are several reasons why setup dutch company would be a good idea.

  • First of all, taxes might a topic to worry about. the Netherlands is one of the European countries with the lowest corporate income taxes. Moreover, it has more joint tax treaties than any other country and any royalties cannot be taxed. This provides an ideal environment to start up your business in.
  • The Netherlands has been a country focused around the trading business. The country therefore holds good relations with other countries and is focused on international relations. This has also resulted in the majority of the Dutch being able to speak English. Besides English, most citizens are proficient in a third or even fourth language such as French or German, which enables communication with other companies more easily. So, this is another reason why setup dutch company is a good idea. 
  • The small country is a member of the European Union, which means that any business situated in the Netherlands can also enjoy benefits from treaties with other countries as a result of this membership. Take for example the ease with which one can travel between countries that are also members of the EU. Additionally, shipping is much easier and cheaper.
  • Not only is the Netherlands a member of the European Union, but it also is important to the trading infrastructure. This is mainly due to the harbour of Rotterdam as well the airport of Schiphol. This access can also be a big advantage to any business.

How to setup dutch company

The most commonly chosen type of company when people setup dutch company is a BV company. This type of company is owned by various shareholders that own the shares the BV is divided into. It is easy to transfer these shares, still. This type of company requires at least one director, who does not necessarily need to be a dutch resident. The only legal requirement for a BV is that is has an address registered in the Netherlands. Opening a small business as a BV will cost about 950 euros, however.

Are you looking to set up a company in Europe? Then for several reasons it is beneficial to setup dutch company. Since this involves lots of administration as well as knowledge about law, it might be useful to call in some help. Set Up Your Dutch Company can do this by offering advice stemming from years of experience to setup dutch company!

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