What is PFTE glass?

Wednesday, 1-1-2020  

What is PFTE glass? Glass filled Teflon is often a PFTE material that is reinforced with 15% glass fiber and this reinforcement improves material characteristics. This 15% PFTE filled glass is ideal for industrial applications that are quite complex, mostly due to their reinforced composition. First more about reinforced PFTE, PFTE is reinforced with glass fibers. The percentage varies between 5% and 40% and the added glass fiber improves the wear properties. Moreover, the deformation strength under load while leaving substantially unchanged and electrical characteristics. Then we have virgin PFTE. Virgin PFTE is extremely chemical resistant. Virgin PFTE serves an electrical insulator and it retains flexibility in low temperatures. It is FDA approved. Where is it often used for? Amongst others:

  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Cosmetic applications

Where can I buy PFTE glass?

You can buy PFTE glass via Hardick is famous for its PFTE products. The non stick coating is made from the chemical PFTE and it is also known as Teflon, that makes cooking and washing easier. Today’s nonstick and Teflon cookware is completely safe for normal home cooking. The temperature does never exceed 300 degrees, 570 Fahrenheit in other words. And more about Hardick, because next to PFTE glass, what do they also sell? They sell Teflon conveyor belts, sealing belts, PFTE Kevlar, PFTE conveyor belts, kevlar conveyor belts, Foodgrade conveyor belts, other conveyor belts and FDA conveyor belts, temperature resistant conveyor belt and more products. Their website can be visited via What we do want to mention is that their service is perfect, as they know and understand how important it is that quick service can be realized if there is a calamity or an other unforeseen event. They are available by phone 24/7, on weekdays but also on weekends, which is quite unique.  Their phone number can be found on their website. Would you like more information? Go and visit They work for the carpet, rubber, textiel, screen printing, can, aviation, packaging, for, photovoltaic, non woven, automotive, plastics and composite industry.  

More information about PFTE glass

Where does PFTE stand for? PFTE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene. It is a synthetic fluoropolymer that has numerous applications. The well known brand name is – as we already mentioned – Teflon. PFTE has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any solid and its used as a non-stick coating for pans and for other cookware. It is made of a vinyl polymer and the structure is similar to polyethylene. In PFTE glass they uses glass fibre. Glass fibre is the mosts commonly used filler in PFTE glass. There are strength, but there are indeed also weaknesses. Strengths are amongst others that they are wear resistant, that they have improved hardness, a lower thermal expansion, a lower deformation under load and that they are non-conductive. Weaknesses are: higher coefficient of friction, abrasive filler that is unsuitable for some application and resistance to gas permeation is reduced. But as you can read, PFTE glass knows more strengths than weaknesses, that is for sure. 

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