Why do I need a virtual office in Amsterdam?

Monday, 29-7-2019  

If you are considering getting a virtual office in Amsterdam than Easystart Office can help you! Nowadays, having a virtual office becomes more and more important for businesses. Especially, a virtual office in the Netherlands is a valuable possession for any business to have. A virtual office in Amsterdam or Rotterdam contributes to the appearance and structure of a company and having one can save you a lot of money because you do not have to maintain a real local office for which you will have more troubles in setting up. 

Last year, I decided that I wanted to set up a virtual office in Amsterdam and for that, I chose the help from Easystart Office. I wanted to establish my business on the Dutch market and they offered services that made it possible for me to register my address in The Netherlands without having to set up a real office. This was the perfect solution for me because I knew that the rents for properties in Amsterdam are sky-high and as a starting company I did not have the means or the manpower for that. With my virtual office in Amsterdam, I can establish myself and my company on the Dutch market without having to pay the high rent that normally comes with this! 

In this article, I will tell you all about the benefits of having a virtual office Amsterdam or Rotterdam and how Easystart Office makes this happen for you. 

Do you want to set up a virtual office in Amsterdam or in Rotterdam?

When I decided that I wanted to set up a virtual office in The Netherlands and after I had contacted Easystart Office for this, they asked me if I wanted to have a virtual office in Amsterdam or in Rotterdam. I had not thought about this yet and they told me all about the benefits of both cities so that I could make a well-informed decision about this. I decided that a virtual office in Amsterdam was more suitable for me and my business. Therefore, I will now only discuss the advantages of Amsterdam: 

  • For me, the most important reason for choosing Amsterdam is because it is the capital of The Netherlands. I thought having my virtual office here would look more prestigious. 
  • Besides this, Amsterdam is very internationally oriented and therefore houses many international company headquarters. 
  • As the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam is known worldwide for its nightlife and Dutch history. This doesn’t really have anything to do with my company, but it’s an advantage that I personally like. 

If you’re not really drawn to Amsterdam, then you can also choose to set up a virtual office in Rotterdam with the help of Easystart Office. 

What does Easystart Office do? 

Starting a virtual office in Amsterdam might look easy, however, any business should have substance in order to become a Dutch entity that is recognized by the Dutch tax system and that is what Easystart Office helps you with. Easystart Office helps businesses meet the requirements for the Dutch tax office by providing several business center services. They offer your virtual office in Amsterdam a registered office address, use of their meeting rooms, mail services and more!

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